Elsa x merida

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Elsa: Be myself? Well, I was bored and I remembered about Merilsa.

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Decided to remake this one in a quick sketch not giving too much shit about it. Hope you enjoy. The Arendelle kingdom is the most important one in the Saint Alliance. They have the most extended territory, divided in half to control it better. Elsa, the older sister, will be the queen of the North side, so Anna will get the South one. Arendelle is a place with quite incomprehensible people. No one in the other kingdoms pf the Saint Alliance know what expect form the arendellians. Why do they let the younger princess engage with a random villager?

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What are they planning? DunBroch is a very important kingdom of the Alliance, member of the Three Soldiers -old alliance between the three more powerful kingdoms of the Saint Alliance. Their economic system is not the most useful, but DunBroch has the best warriors and the biggest army. Merida is a brave and strong princess who always tries to do the best for her people.

She fell in love with Tadashi Hamada, prince of the Eastern Empire, she asked his parents for their aprove, but they denied it even if they knew that their son loves her. Try to keep it hidden, honey we can see right through you.

Corona is not a really strong kingdom these days, it depends a lot of DunBroch and Arendelle in a economic and warlike way.

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When she was just a baby, Rapunzel was hijacked by a strange woman, fortunately the thief Eugene Fitzherbert found her by accident and help her to return to the palace. The Corona kingdom and the North Kingdom needed help to upgrade to a better status. Berk is the second weakest kingdom of the Saint Alliance and the newest at ing.

Those are the reason why Stoick the Vast decided to engage his son to the future queen of the most important empire of the alliance. Jack is lovely and romantic prince, always the life of the party and a great supporter for all his friends. View Full. Elsa: Dammit, Jack! Jack: What?! Elsa: Sorry, force of habit. Dammit, Anna! Anna: Not me either. Elsa: Oh Then who set the house on fire? Elsa: There are seven chairs and ten people.

What do you do? Elsa x merida Just sit on each other's laps. Hiccup: Or you could just, I don't know, bring in three more chairs? Rapunzel: A musical chairs game!! Merida: Kill three.

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Eugene: I really don't care as long as I get to sit. Rapunzel: Just be yourself Elsa: Be myself? Elsa: How long did it take for you guys to like me after being chosen? Be myself, what kind of garbage advice is that? Elsa and Anna, princesses of the Arendelle kingdom. Merida, princess of the clan DunBroch. Rapunzel Corona, princess of Corona Kingdom.

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That's gay. Make up any story behind the edit. Comment, please! Jack Frost, prince of North Kingdom. Show More.

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The Saint Alliance.