Elgato hd60 screen tearing

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Log in Register. Search titles only. Please do not post any links until you have 3 posts as they will automatically be rejected to prevent SPAM. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Stream box? Thread starter clshades Start date Oct 2, I've been dabbling in streaming and recording various things. The 1st thing I noticed was the lag hit when gaming and the stream itself not running great.

I've been all over the interwebs looking for various setups and how too's. It seems lots of guys have a seperate computer for streaming from their game system, be it PS4, Xbox, or PC. What I'm stuck on is how it's passing from the game rig to the stream rig. Seems a USB option would be better for capture to be able to bounce between systems.

What I can't find is, does the capture box pass thru frequency? Sagath Moderator Staff member. Folding Team. Capture cards. Sagath said:. Click to expand How to use a Hz monitor with Elgato hd60 screen tearing Elgato Gaming Capture card — Method 1 Using higher refresh monitors for PC gaming and streaming is becoming ever more popular, yet most capture cards do support native inputs of…. Right click anywhere on the desktop and open the Windows Display Settings.

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In the display settings, click on Multiple Displays and choose Extend these displays Check the box that says Make this my main display on your main monitor You may see some flickering on your monitors. You should now see your main monitor normally, and the second monitor acts as an extended display. Set the base resolution to p x and the output resolution to p as well.

Set the FPS to Click ok. Call it whatever you like. Once the property panel opens, make sure Display 0: x 0,0 is selected. This is your main monitor. Now hit ok. Now lets verify that your main display is at hz and your second display is running at 60hz. Right click anywhere on the desktop, and open the Display settings. Scroll down and open the Advanced Display settings. At the bottom, open the Display adapter properties.

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You should now see a info panel open, showing the name and info about your GPU. At the top, click on the Monitor tab. You should see a dropdown menu called Screen refresh rate, and it should be at hz. Now repeat this process, but make sure that you have clicked on display two in the display settings. Right click anywhere in the OBS Studio preview, where you should now see a clone of your main display.

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Click on Fullscreen projector Preview and choose Display 1: x,0. OBS Studio will now go fullscreen, and what you should be seeing is a one-to-one clone of what is on your main display. You must log in or register to reply here. Latest posts T. New rig for the wife Latest: titch-- 9 minutes ago. New Builds. Happy Thanksgiving! Post your food.

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Elgato hd60 screen tearing

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How to use a Hz monitor and the Elgato HD60 Pro, at the same time