Double dydoe piercing

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A dydoe piercing is a type of male genital piercing that passes through the ridge of the glans on the head of the penis. Commonly, one is centrally placed on the ridge of the glans, or two are placed on either side which I persoanlly call a triceratops piercings cause I feel it makes your penis look like a triceratops. The most common jewelry use for a Dydoe piercing is a 14g curved barbell. This means the end ball thre into the post. This type of jewelry is cheap. Jewelry not made of surgical stainless steel and can cause micro tears in the tissue that can harbor bacteria that may lead to a infection.

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Speculation has been made that it enhances sexual feeling that has been lost due to circumision. The reason for this is the added pressure of the jewelry on the glans during intercourse, which may also lead to quicker ejaculations in some sexual positions. For the female partner, the piercing usually in greater stimulation.

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A centrally placed dydoe works especially well in stimulating her g-spot, as the ball at the head is placed near to where the top ball of an apadravya would be placed. An apadravya is generally considered the most pleasurable for the female partner for this reason. The dydoe is generally considered to be one of the most painful of piercings, as it goes through the glans of the penis. Bleeding is normal and very likely. Because the ridge of the glans must be large enough to accommodate the needle and jewelry it is a piercing that depends on the anatomy of the individual and should be done by a professional piercer.

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It is usually performed on circumcised males, as the presence of a tight foreskin keeps the area moist and inhibits healing. To take care of your piercing is very simple. Also stay away from swimming pools, bathtubs, hot tubes anything like that during the healing process.

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To take care of your piercing you can do saline soaks or even a saline spray a couple times a day. For a complete aftercare instructions feel free to stop by one of the Blue Boutiques and ask one of our highly trained, knowledgeable piercers.

The Dydoe is very easy and beautiful piercing that has transcended the entire body piercing world. Whether it is your first piercing or 50th the Blue Boutique has the largest selection of high quality body jewelry and highly skilled and experienced body piercers always on staff! Let us help you in making the right decision for your new piercing. Dydoe Piercings. Home Body Piercing Dydoe Piercings.

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A piercing heals in stages so diligence is required to during the first few stages. Tags: dydoe piercing. By Emily Sterner on July 27, Follow Us on Social Media.

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Dydoe Piercings