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After a year or so of industry talk about the concept of a gay-themed TV network, DirecTV took the plunge Friday, launching the nation's first channel aimed exclusively at the gay and lesbian market. Pay Per View is a movies-only channel available to subscribers of DirecTV, a digital satellite service.

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Subscribers can use their remote controls to select from a rotating list of four to six new films a month on Channel The channel is limited Directv gay channel scope. DirecTV has It also comes at a time when the presence of gay characters on television has generated lots of buzz, with this summer's Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and Boy Meets Boy on Bravo. It could have an hourlong talk show about the transgender community. It could start to produce its own sitcoms and dramas.

Television is such a copycat medium. We hope that not only is Here! Last year, MTV and Showtime, both owned by Viacom, announced plans to collaborate on a gay-themed network. The timetable for that plan has been slowed due to the economic climate, Showtime said.

Filmmakers Paul Colichman and Stephen J. Jarchow created and financed Here! They chose pay-per-view as an outlet because it was a much cheaper option than launching a traditional hour network. Colichman, who co-produced the Academy-Award winning Gods and Monsters insaid the movies on Here! The network's initial movie premieres include 's Sordid Lives, a comedy about coming out to a Texas family as it converges for a matriarch's funeral.

It's in the Water, fromis a story about what happens when an AIDS hospice opens in a small, conservative Texas town.

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Alex, a woman bored with her marriage, goes to work at the hospice and discovers romance with a female co-worker. The magazines Out and the Advocate have ed on as sponsors. Colichman declined to name others. Sponsors will get PBS-style credits, rather than have run that interrupt programming.

Colichman hopes to expand beyond DirecTV within six months and have Here! We will show gay people at home with their boyfriends or their children. We are also concerned about gay teens not having proper role models. They need to be able to see people like themselves on TV as successful and enjoying life.

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DirecTV to Offer Gay-Theme Films