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Rather than wish for world peace or an end to famine, she wanted to wish to be five years younger. Bulma prides herself on looking young for her age, leading many people to wonder how old is Bulma? Bulma was born Agemaking her 16 when she meets Goku for the first time in Age Bulma is 28 years old when she is on Namek, and 45 years old at the Dbz future bulma of Dragon Ball Super.

Bulma was born in the Agewhile Goku was born in the Age They only start showing s of ageing when they are much older. This might lead people to think Goku is much younger than Bulma, but there are only three years between them in reality. This makes Bulma just 16 years old at the start but ends Dragon Ball as 23 years old. Bulma is. Raditz first steps foot on Earth during the Age which would make Bulma 28 years old. Trunks is born Agemaking her a first-time mummy at 33 years old. At the end of the series Bulma, after they defeat Majin Buu, Bulma is 41 years old.

By using Dbz future bulma maths, Bulma should be 45 years old at the start of Super. However, during her birthday party, she claims she is 37 years old. Some woman lie about their age, so perhaps Bulma is just lying. However, she also expresses a wish to use the Dragon Balls to make herself younger.

Could Bulma have used the Dragon Balls to wish herself eight years younger? This would make Future Trunks Mum Bulma 52 years old. Goku Black starts terrorising the universe again during Agewhich makes Bulma 63 years. Bulma should receive a lot of credit for surviving to 63 in such a terrible universe where bad things are continually happening to the Earthlings. Bulma has been a vital part of the Dragon Ball franchise for many years, and her genius inventions and bulldog-like determination have helped save the Earth, and the universe, countless times.

Bill has been a fan of Dragon Ball ever since he started watching Dragon Ball Z on Cartoon Network in the late '90s and hasn't looked back. He's always making websites in his spare time like this one you are reading now! Bulma How old is Bulma? Read Time: 1 minute, 55 seconds. How old is Bulma in Dragon Ball? How old is Bulma is Dragon Ball Z? How old is Bulma is Dragon Ball Super?

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Dbz future bulma

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Future Bulma