Crossdressing in slips

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Forum Rules. Register Help. Remember Me? Mobile Site Advanced Search. Thread: Others like me who like nightgowns and slips. Advanced Search. Others like me who like nightgowns and slips I was hesitant to this forum, as I have never quite thought of myself as a cross dresser. I have no interest in dresses, corsets, makeup, or many of the other things that so many like.

I only wear panties, slips and nightgowns, especially long, silky nylon gowns. I am pleased to find that there are others like me, or almost like me. I do love my nighties!! Panties, slips and nightgowns makes you a crossdresser!

Yes, I wear nightgowns to bed just about every night when not just panties! Welcome to the club! Hugs Lana Mae Merry Christmas!! Life is worth living! You look so good!! I was like you! When I first started crossdressing I was only interested in lingerie especially silky things. I first found lingerie as while looking Crossdressing in slips Christmas catalogs. When I realized out good those type of things felt against my skin I wanted to wear them. When I entered puberty I used lingerie to masturbate while looking at women wearing lingerie.

Now that I have gotten older I am more relaxed while I am dressed wearing women's clothing.

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My wardrobe has increased to women's jeans and shirts along with dresses, high heels and flats. I recently purchased my first necklace and I want more.

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Otherwise the older I get the more I want. At this point I am not interested in a wig or makeup, but that could change. My wife did put makeup on me one night and I enjoyed it, but it might have been the attention she was giving me while applying the makeup. Pegnoirs are crack to me. Gownman, For many years I would buy my wife a nightie for Xmas, after I came out to her she commented I was really buying them for myself, in reality I would to have bought two so we could wear the same items in bed. Never did happen, but I do wear one in bed now.

I will admit before I married I did buy some Crossdressing in slips doll negligee sets for an ex GF, when she caught me wearing one she turned on as much as me!! Wear such clothing to bed every night. Sure there are many crossdressers, like yourself, who don't feel a need to pass as a woman.

Many of us imit ourselves to our favorite items. I love slips and nightgowns.

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I usually wear several when I go to bed. I find the feel of layers of nylon garments as comfortable. Satin Crossdressing in slips go well with slips too. My interest in women's attire started with wearing my mother's white nylon slips. I loved the feel of the fabric. Then I tried on her floor length nylon gowns. I was very young and there was no sexual motivation at all.

It was just the love of the fabric. Before I ventured further down the rabbit hole of cross dressing my wife and I dud shop for my own nylon gowns. I still have the knee length peignoir set. A black gown slowly became too small I do have any assortment of nylon gowns, but, my true love is vintage slips.

They're crack to me I truly wish slips would make a serious comeback. I love nylon slips and night gowns the most. Yes, I love nightgowns. Long silky ones. With cups, preferably. And I love slips.

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And half-slips. I've found that I really need to wear a slip or a half-slip with many of my dresses, so they are a necessity. Of course I also love dresses, and skirts, and Crossdressing in slips, and embroidered jeans, and wigs, and Well, you get the idea. Hi GownManIt sounds like you are a member in good standing of the club I can explain it to you, But I can't comprehend it for you!

If at first you don't succeed, Then Skydiving isn't for you. Be careful what you wish for, Once you ring a bellyou just can't Un-Ring it!! I started out crossdressing in my mothers slips. When I was young I always browsed through the Sears and Pennys catalogs looking at women's underthings. I still love wearing slips and nightgowns, I have quite a collection of slips and a smaller collection of double layer nightgowns.

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I have been collecting for over 30 years. I found a lot of my collection at the thrift stores back when nobody wanted them. I always wear a slip when I wear a dress. I always wear a nightgown or nightshirt to bed. I'm also a fan of shapewear. I love the feeling of it and how it makes me look. Dressing has no rule that I am aware of.

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So donning slips and panties or even gowns qualify you as dresses. Now I must you in your liking to wear these and find them not only comfy but a sort of therapeutic aide. Add a robe and I'm ready for a cup of coffee, coco or nip on a cold evening. And I luv my fuzzy slippers too. I have two pairs of pink slippers. When I get up in the morning I put on my robe silky of course and slippers.

I love wearing a nightgown. It's like wearing a dress to bed. I love wearing slips and nightgowns. While I don't haveI have around I like it all, including makeup when I get the time and willingness to do it, but I sleep in nightgowns and panties every night.

I even woke to find my wife fondling the sleeve of my nightgown a couple of times. I must have fifty or so slips, mostly half slips, and five full length nightgowns. Nothing like wearing them together before bed as well as in bed. Last edited by Barbara Black; at Crossdressing in slips. Even when I wear a skirt or dress I am wearing panties and a slip. Of course, it's a rare thing for me to be able to wear a skirt or dress due to my wife's belief about crisscrossing. So I underdress in panties and slips, even Is silk cammie. Now and then a bra as well. As far as night gowns?

Just like wearing a dress or skirt, only when my wife is away visiting our adult kids in NJ. I own 2 different night gowns. Both silk and both red. I really enjoy wearing then not only to bed but around the house in the evenings.

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Have a pair of pink slippers to go with them. I underdress almost every day at work, and yes some co workers know.

Crossdressing in slips

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