Corruption of champions endings

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Permalink master. Branches Tags. Could not load branches. Could not load tags. Raw Blame. BaseContent ; import classes. StatusEffects ; import classes. PerkLib ; import classes. WeaponLib ; import classes. PregnancyStore ; import classes. His broad shoulders seem ready to scrape the gilding from the cavernous chamber. His crimson-rimmed eyes glare down like a pair of low-burning coals. Stretching from end to end, a cow-girl could barely touch each end of his wide-spread horns. He snorts and extends a hand toward the crowd.

MinotaurKingMusk, 0000 ; getGame. A gasp runs through the corrupt host as one of their mightiest champions drops to his knees, staring at his dick and furiously pumping it with both hands.

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If she preyed on you while you were still recovering from the minotaur, her subordinates might think her weak or afraid. You have a semi-conscious royal and his cow-slut to use as you will. Or you could just put them out of their misery.

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Fuck the minotaur queen's well-used pussy, even if she's still stuffed with virile minotaur's cum. The three medial rings that stud the length between sheath and tip would make great grips for your hands, the better to hold onto while you literally fuck the exotic minotaur-dick. You briefly wonder if those extra rings make such cocks even more pleasurable to ride than" ; if player. He grumbles weakly, but when your fingers make contact, he abruptly goes quiet, realizing that someone else Corruption of champions endings do him the favor of bringing him off.

Little does he know just what you have planned. His jet-black member is slicker than you would have thought possible, coated with layer upon layer of jism. You tremble, awash in the delirious desire to thrust it home all at once, to impale this massive beast-cock on your smaller length in one massive stroke. He grunts in discomfort at the sensation, weakly craning his head up to watch you, but after a second he slumps right back down on the ground, moaning. What a slut. You might not get another chance to do something like this once you take down Lethice, and you want it to be memorable.

You squeeze down with your fingers the moment you hilt yourself, cranking the pressure up another notch.

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A beast like this deserves to be rewarded for being so complacent, so you begin to fuck him and stroke him, working him to a simultaneous beat, stimulating his gigantic cock from inside and out. You swear, the sweltering fuck-tube is getting warmer, or at the very least wetter, like your [cock] could just melt into a puddle of ecstatic bliss.

You fuck him faster, grunting with the effort, plowing the rigid horse-dick with your own so hard that the cum-slut gapes sloppily when you accidentally pull out. You feed yourself right back in and humping, plowing this magnificent-smelling slut for all your worth. His face screws up from the feeling of foreign fluids flowing backwards through his body. You hope some made it to his bloated balls. You swear you even see his balls bulge slightly. Still blissed-out and squirting into him, you heft one of the swollen orbs and feel it twitch an influx of new, fluid weight.

His body may have been ready to expel such flows, but never to take one in. He grunts in what you take for discomfort and stares in horror at the bulges of fluid disappearing into his sheath, spreading through his body and collecting in his balls. You can actually see his nuts swelling up with all the pumped-in sperm, absolutely bloated with the fruit of your loins. Hefting one, you feel the extra Corruption of champions endings slosh as you fill it, marvelling at your own virility. The well-fucked horse-cock erupts like a long-dormant volcano, spraying jizz from its sloppy, stretched slit until minotaur spunk is raining over the assembled crowd.

Many of the demons immediately fall into fucking one another, but you have the good sense to avoid the bulk of it.

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Something better. Champion cum. Excellia is revitalized by erotic monsoon and manages to climb on top before he finishes, riding him like the bucking bronco that he is. Time to deal with Lethice. Getting filled full of your spunk must have been more enjoyable for him than you thought.

Panicked now, you tug in vain, anything to get free before your cum and a wave of bovine beast-cum flows back into you. Your [sack] swells larger and larger, complete with the realization that your [balls] are being transformed into spooge-filled balloons. How great it feels to go limp in his powerful arms. How wonderfully warm and content his narcotic spooge makes your body feel. You drool on his chest, then lick it back up, savoring the salty, sweaty tang of it. Your mouth feels empty without his cock, but then you realize you can suck his nipple until his cock is free.

The pressure of your own ejaculation is nothing next to his of course. You doubt you could squirt anything out ever again. You can be his dribbly little spunksleeve. You shed your [armor], intent on a little relief yourself. Normally Corruption of champions endings brute like this might take offense to the forceful claiming of his backdoor. Your [cocks] swell" ; if player.

This is going to be fun. The corrupt Queen licks her lips when you push forward. His asshole clutches at every inch of cock you feed it, almost like it wants to squeeze you off, to massage you with rapt enthusiasm. His horned visage stares down at you in disbelief, but Corruption of champions endings cock perceptibly plumps between his fingers, displaying a network of bulging veins all too happy to have you stimulate him from behind.

Slapping his ass, you give him more of what his body so unsubtly craves. You thrust" ; if player. Whenever that friction flags, you can just slap him on the ass, and he tightens right up. Best of all, his constantly-dribbling pre-spunk inevitably drips down onto your member as you saw it between his buttcheeks, lubricating you with enough of the sticky to stuff to making fucking him an absolute breeze.

All this time, this big, slutty minotaur has been free to wander around ramming his cock inside of everyone else when he had a treasure like this packed between his tight, toned buttcheeks. Grabbing hold of his thighs, you snarl and pound his ass harder.

Your heartbeat is hammering in your ears. You delight in drilling into him, humping inward and upward to rub against the edge of his prostate. His ass is a cock heaven" ; if player. Then he goes off, shooting a torrent of spunk twenty feet into the air.

Horned goblins dance in the deluge, tongues extended and hands cupped to catch as much as possible. You pressurize his entire digestive system. The last few ejaculations backblast out over" ; if player. You pull out before his over-eager motions carry you with him, noisily licking his residue from your lips and preparing to get on with your business.

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The taste might be keeping you hard, but you feel more than sated enough to take on a demon queen. You barely manage to swallow before you start to drool. You nose twitches as you approach, and your cunny" ; if player. Part of you is tempted to drop to" ; if! You could take him deep into your throat until your nose nestles deep into the curly brush of his pubic hairs, fully immersed in the taste and scent of this bastion of masculinity. Your lips are so inflamed that you swear you can feel them squishing and sliding against the hard nub of your clit with every shift of your hips.

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It is but a brief dalliance - foreplay before you put him where he belongs. With a regretful sigh, you stop frotting and line him back up. All your encounters were nothing more than practice to take this bestial rod deep inside yourself.

To find such a perfectly-shaped lover so close to your goal The flaring, flat-headed tip spre you open, but not nearly far enough for it to slide into your honey-coated cavern. Grunting in distress, you give it a little wiggle, slipping the left side of the horse-like cock inside before working in the other. You have to stop, gasping and panting at the raw sensation of it, struggling to come to grips with it before you can continue your delectable descent.

Holding it in both hands, you press against the flared tip, gyrating your lips against the blunt crown until his pre and your juices are intermingled into a fuck-happy slurry. Then, one of your lips catches on the edge of his beastly flesh, pulled apart with surprising elasticity.

Perhaps the bath of royal pre-spunk is loosening it up, or maybe the Minotaur King is blessed with some sort of inherent magic that allows him to claim even the smallest of willing females as his own. The torment of an empty, unfilled pussy has been replaced with a seductive pleasure that steals your breath and addles your reason.

You wish you could somehow be even wetter, even hotter, to wring still greater surges of bliss from your sex. The first actually bumps against your [clit]" ; if player. You reverse direction and slide up, filling the air with the sloppy sound of withdrawing phallus, then drop back down, using the momentum to spread your buttery lips over the first obstruction.

Your eyes actually roll back from the raw sensation Corruption of champions endings it. The big boy likes it. The heat burning" ; if Boolean player. Why should it matter anyway? Your hand winds down to your [clit] to finish the job. One meaty hand cradles your [butt]" ; if! A cylindrical bulge distends your belly. The assembled audience can actually watch the progress of his member into your canal. They can see the head flare wider when your cunt pleases him" ; if player.

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Your eyes cross. Your back arches. Like finding a needle in a haystack, picking apart the individual notes of pleasure thrumming through your mind is impossible.

Corruption of champions endings

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