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I've been waiting a while to share these photos. This is actually 3 separate photos but put them together as one to make the posting easier. This is a client project that I am very proud of, couldn't be happier with the outcome. Year : s. Subjects : Lumbering ; Forests and forestry ; Forest products ; Wood-pulp industry ; Wood-using industries. Publisher : Don Mills, Ont. Contributing Library : Fisher - University of Toronto.

Digitizing Sponsor : University of Toronto. View Book : Book Viewer. About This Book : Catalog Entry. It aims at giving full and timely information on all subjects touching Cj gibson model interests, discussing these topics editorially and inviting free discus- sion by others. Especial pains are taken to secure the latest and most trustworthy mar- ket quotations from various points throughout the world, so as to afford to the trade in Canada information on which it can rely in its operations.

Special correspondents in localities of importance present an accurate report not only of prices and the condition of the market, but also of other matters specially interesting to our readers. But correspondence is not only welcome, but is invited from all who have any information to com- municate or subjects to discuss relating to the trade or in anyway affecting it. Even when we may not be able to agree with the writers we will give them a fair opportunity for free discussion as the best Cj gibson model of eliciting the truth.

Any items of interest are particularly requested, for even if not of great importance individually they contribute to a fund of information from which general are obtained. Advertisers will receive careful attention and liberal treatment. We need not point out that for many the Canada Lumberman, with its spe- cial class of readers, is not only an exceptionally good medium for securing publicity, but is indispensable for those who would bring themselves before the notice of that class.

Special attention is diiected to "Wanted" and "For Sale" advertisements, which will be inserted in a conspicuous posi- tion at the uniform price of 15 cents per line for each insertion. Announce- ments of this character will be subject to a discount of 25 per cent, if ordered for four successive issues or longer.

Subscribers will find the small amount they pay for the Canada Lum- berman quite inificant as compared with its value to them. There is not an individual in the trade, or specially interested in it, who should not be on our list, thus obtaining the present benefit and aiding and encour- aging us to render it even more complete. The Ontario Cj gibson model has, as was anticipated by the Lumberman in a issue, taken a forward step in Canadian forestry.

In the Speech from the Throne the announcement was made that a commission has been appointed to report upon the desirability of establishing a forest reservation and park in part of the Xippissing district, south of the Mattavva River, and upon the methods and expense of maintaining and man- aging the same. Subsequently Mr. Hardy, Minister of Crown Lands, explained to the House the scope and nature of the commission.

The district which it is proposed to establish as a park is north of Haliburton, south of the Mattawa River, west of the Ottawa and east of Parry Sound, embracing about fifteen or twenty townships, more or less. In six, eight or ten of these is a of small lakes, which are the fountain- he of several rivers flowing east and west.

There is a great accumulation of water in these townships. They are practically unsettled and are considered unfit for agriculture; the pine is off them, the hardwood remains. The commission consists of Mr. Kirkwood, chief clerk of the Crown Lands Department; Mr. Dixon, of Fenelon Falls, inspector of surveys, and Mr. Phipps, superintendent of for- ests. Gibson, of the Department of Mines, is secre- tary. The only person who will be remunerated for his services will be Mr.

Dixon, the surveyor. The object of the commission will be first to investigate the character of the townships and ascertain those best adapted for the purpose, having regard to the nature of the soil, etc. In taking measures to constitute a forest reservation the Government has good reasons and well-established precedents to support the movement.

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It is hardly necessary to prove that the destruction of the forests of a country, in too large a measure, has an important effect upon the rainfall of a country, to the prejudice of its agricultural interests. As the trees are felled and the woods cleared, so our streams and rivers dry up or are lessened in extent and volume.

In Europe the Rhine, Volga, Po and Seine are all waters that have been diminished in depth to no inconsiderable extent by the clearing of the woods. At the Forestry Congress, held in Vienna init was shown that the Elbe had diminished ten feet in half a century.

And close students of conditions and changes that have taken place in the rivers and streams on this continent tell us that like follow like causes; cases in point are the Connecticut, Ohio and Hudson rivers. The same importance may not be attached to changes in temperature; these changes are very noticeable in this Cj gibson model authorities differ in regard to the influence of the removal of the forests upon the temperature, yet such close observers as Noah Webster, Dr. Rush, Thos. Jefferson and others, have satisfied themselves that these changes, which we all remark, are due largely to the lessening of forest protection in different parts of this continent.

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To-day France, along with Germany, are the foremost countries in the world in the intelligent consideration that is given to the management of their forests. The establishing of a forest reservation on the lines suggested by Mr. Hardy, though at the outset we may move on a less elaborate scale, is a step taken some time ago by American legislators in the setting aside of certain reservations, as the Adirondack and the Yellow- stone Park.

This work perhaps owes its inception to the agitation started thirty years ago by the American Asso- ciation for the Advancement of Science, who presented a memorial to Congress asking that something be done to secure the preservation of the great Adirondack for- ests.

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Australia and India have also of late years paid much attention to this subject; so that all over the world the' important question of forestry, in one form or another, is receiving attention. Our Government is acting in the best interests of the country in making forestry an active question in the present day, instead of leaving it to future legislators to take aggressive meas- ures when less opportunity may exist for doing anything practical. The history of other countries shows, that a late, in contrast to a forward movement, might easily be made the programme, and to the permanent loss of the country.

Incidentally Mr. Hardy mentioned that there are other reasons which warranted the Government in mov- ing in this matter. The lakes and streams in the pro- posed district abound in fish, and is also the home of game and deer. It was thought it might be well to set apart this county as a refuge for all wild animals and a place where fish could not be caught by seine, or to any large extent, and to do both of these things at no great cost to the country. Though lumbermen do not usually receive credit of heeding the advice, "woodman, spare the tree," and immediate and material are often likely to be the stronger controlling power in dealing with our forest resources, they are, at the same time, among our most loyal, as well as enterprising citizens, and they are ever prepared to stand in the advance guard when the national welfare is at stake.

They and the citizens gen- erally will, we believe, await with interest the report of Mr. Hardy's forestry commission. The lumbermen of the United States, at least some of them, will meet in convention in Washington this month Cj gibson model personally press their protests against the Bryan free lumber bill. The question is being agitated with the usual ardor of our American cousins. The addition of a cipher or two in some of the calculations made is neither here nor there with those who are lead- ing the agitation. For example, we are told in the requisition.

Huyett nor any of his friends have been able to tell us. The fight, in truth, has got so warm that the lumber press are- now fighting among themselves. The Northwestern Lumberman, of Chi- cago, which le the agitation, wants any advertising advantage that may come from this discussion to count for its own coffers, and has taken occasion to upbraid the Timberman, and the Lumber Trade Journal, of its own city, two of the ablest representatives of the Ameri- can lumber press, and the Mississippi Valley Lumber- man, which speaks for the important lumber interests of that section of country, with want of zeal and loyalty to United States lumber interests.

These assailed journals, of course, hit back, making the charge of hollowness against the Northwestern Lumberman, alleging that the convention scheme was engineered in the office of the Northwestern, the call issued by one George A.

Priest, a Government employee, for Cj gibson model purposes, the circular written on Northwestern Lumberman paper, while the man Huyett, who has furnished the statistical artillery, "is one who has made a failure of everything he has touched, and the Northwestern Lumberman is willing that he should make a failure of this if he did, and take the obloquy of making a failure. But the "scrappers" aside, what is the marrow of the question? The lumbermen of the Southern States are among the strongest opponents of the Bryan bill. Their chief market, the Southern Lumberman says, is in the great Cj gibson model centres of the United States, nearest the Canadian market, and with the advantage of freights on our side and better transportation facilities "the admis- sion of the Canadian manufacturer with free lumber from Canada would practically crush out the southern manu- facturer.

But the free competition from Canada would unquestionably hurt the yellow pine manufacturer, crowding his lumber back from the Northern market and depressing its price, and this, following an unprecedented low price of cotton, would be disastrously felt in the south.

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The lumbermen on the Pacific coast are protesting on the ground that "the opening of American markets to British Columbia mills means destruction to both Amer- ican mill interests, already depressed to the lowest limit by over-production, and the growing ship-building inter- est on the Pacific coast. The consumer, on the other hand, is making less noise, apparently; he is not "flaunting forth screed after screed of senseless assertion, going off half-cocked, nor arranging a row of ghosts to frighten lumbermen," which sin one Chicago lumber journal lays to the charge of another, in his agitation, but he is making his influence felt with his representative, who knows that it is the people's votes at the ballot box that gives and holds him in his position ; as an opponent of the measure admits "free lumber will give the people cheaper lumber.

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