Chocolate ass holes

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How's everyone doing? I'm so glad!

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Well, let's not putz around anymore, we all know why we're here—buttholes! Chocolate buttholesto be specific.

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Even more specifically, premium chocolate buttholes you can buy for your best friends and family as a token of your love and appreciation! To be clear, chocolate buttholes are not a new phenomenon; they first broke the webz in We're re-upping them now as has been a—wait for it—shitty year. So shitty, in fact, it felt like our duty to bring them back to your attention right before the holidays. And how great are you to buy everyone you know the shittiest present at the end of the shittiest year!?

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So great! What exactly is a chocolate butthole? That last part feels important—after you do whatever it is you're planning on doing with eat these things, you may not return them to the seller. These particular buttholes are final sale!!! If you're looking at this version of butthole and thinking "that's a little lowbrow for me," don't worry. You can always get this limited edition bronze non-edible anus.

The possibilities are endless and delicious! Kitchen Tips and Tools.

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Chocolate ass holes

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