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She is the "Right Hand" of the Divine, the leader of the dominant religion in the Dragon Age setting, and a Seeker of Truth, an order of said religious organization. The character made her debut in 's Dragon Age IIwhere she appeared as part of the game's framing device.

An anime film prequel, Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seekerwas released incovering the character's backstory. She appeared again in 's Dragon Age: Inquisitionwhere she serves as a party member. A forceful character was needed to "carry" Dragon Age II ' s story. The character was deed to be "severe and dramatic", and has a heavily angular face representing her "hard edge". The developers wanted the Seeker armor to be easily recognisable, and it has a "strong and graphic" silhouette. Longer hair proved difficult to animate in the game, leading to her current short hair.

It was intended that Cassandra visually display her authority and power.

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Miranda Raison provides Cassandra's voice in the games, though she does not voice the character in Dawn of the Seeker. Cassandra Cassandra dragon age build a positive reception in Inquisitionwith attention being drawn to her layered personality, as well as her place as one of Inquisition ' s diverse cast of women. For her earlier appearance in Dawn of the Seekershe received a more mixed response, with some credit going to her de but her characterization being criticised. Sharp, pious, and driven, she is the sword in the right hand of the Divine, seeking justice above all else.

The character is presented as a member of the Seekers of Truth, a "quiet" order dedicated to protecting and policing the Chantry, [1] described as "the best of the best" with unique training and access to powerful magic. Cassandra is "strong, militant, with a very hard line" concerning the Chantry, someone who "won't take no for an answer". BioWare needed a strong character in order to "carry" the story of Dragon Age IIwhere she acts as an interrogator.

This meant she had to be "powerful", "forceful", and "a little bit angry". For the games, British actress Miranda Raison was chosen to voice Cassandra. Cassandra was originally written by Jennifer Heplerthough then-lead writer David Gaider took up the character after Hepler left the company during the development of Inquisition. BioWare wanted returning characters to make sense, and had to ask questions like "How did they grow? How did they change in the intervening years?

Her voice actor in the games, Miranda Raisoncalled the character a "toughie", yet noted her vulnerable side. Raison described her as "not just masculine, she's just a girl who's not a girly girl". The character was intended to be "severe and dramatic", with associate art director Matt Rhodes likening her appearance to being Cassandra dragon age build of the vampires". Creative director Mike Laidlaw commented that the team "wanted to make sure she was hot. To dial her to eleven, to make her absolutely gorgeous, really enticing—yet at the same time, she's powerful, she's strong, she's wearing plat.

In the series, Cassandra has "hair as short as her temper". However, the long-hair proved difficult to manage, especially in Dragon Age II where the character was in dark lighting for almost the entirety of the game. The shorter hair tried to remain "severe" while working better in the game engine and not causing bugs with her armor. Cassandra's face has various elements to keep her unique, such as "narrow eyebrows, heart-shaped face, strong jaw, darker lips, and walnut hazel eyes".

The choice of walnut hazel eye colour served to further her authoritative look, appearing a bit warmer than blue eyes and giving her a harder edge. The character is depicted in heavy armor, fitting in with her "tough" character. The change to the Frostbite engine for Inquisition allowed for increased visual fidelity compared to games, and enhanced model details with more sophisticated shaders and a "realistic surface response". In the lead-up to Inquisition ' s release, BioWare released character kits of Cassandra and Varric in order to assist cosplayers.

Cassandra first appeared in Dragon Age IIinas part of the game's frame narrative. The game opens with her interrogation of Varric Tethrasa party member in the game, who then recounts the story of Hawke, the refugee-turned-"Champion of Kirkwall" and player character. As the story plays out, Cassandra occasionally interrupts to either call Varric out on lying at certain parts or to offer commentary on the events.

At the end of the game, it is revealed that the Circle of Magi and the Templar Order, a Chantry group dedicated to watching over or "imprisoning" mages, have both gone rogue and are warring in the streets, and Cassandra seeks Hawke to help resolve the conflict, no longer blaming them for starting the conflict. Laidlaw commented that, in his view, Cassandra has in some ways the "biggest transformative arc" of all the characters in the game. Cassandra next appears in Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seekera CGI - anime film by Funimation released inwhich explores her backstory and how she comes to be known as the Right Hand of the Divine.

It falls to Cassandra, one of the last dragon hunters, to stop the blood mages. Cassandra is one of two returning characters from Dragon Age II in 's Inquisitionthe third main Cassandra dragon age build in the series, along with Varric. Cassandra is a party member and a possible love interest if the player chooses to play a male Inquisitor. Unlike other party members, she has access to the "Templar" skill treewhich is based around nullifying magical effects and fighting demons, one type of enemy found Cassandra dragon age build the game, as well as providing support and buffs for other party members.

The character is introduced interrogating the Inquisitor at the start of the game, who is the sole survivor of a large explosion that has ripped open the sky, causing demons to fall out, and killed the Divine, many mages, and many templars during their peace talks. She immediately s the party and, after the Inquisitor temporarily seals the "Breach" in the sky, protests the player's innocence and forms the Inquisition, breaking away from the Chantry.

Depending on the player's choices throughout the game, she may at its end be crowned Divine. If so, she ushers in an age of reform. Her personal quest, which each party member has, concerns her discovery that the other Seekers are all going missing.

Lucis hands Cassandra a book full of Seeker secrets, and after Lucius is defeated and the Inquisitor and Cassandra return to base, Cassandra re it and discovers the Seekers had knowledge vital to stopping the war. The player may choose to encourage her to rebuild the Seekers reformed, leave them, or let her make her own decision. Ultimately it boils down to the phenomenal writing. That applies to both characters, so what gives Cassandra the edge?

To me, she feels more relatable and authentic. She struggles with her faith. She is afraid of failure. She wants to do the right thing. Cassandra's depiction in Dawn of the Seeker was met with mixed reviews. Prior to the release of InquisitionKimberly Wallace of Game Informer considered the potential of her return to the series, and thought she could be interesting due to the mystery surrounding her, what she could bring to the group, and how she could develop.

After Inquisition ' s release, Cassandra received a positive reception. Ray Ivey of Just Adventure noted how, while she seemed "cold and unappealing at first", she grew on him. He appreciated her "detailed and believable character", as well as how she took a more measured approach instead of dealing in extremities. Inquisition got attention for its female characters. Danielle Riendeau, writing for Polygonpraised the female characters, stating that they all were "written with care, attention to detail, and enormous respect".

Arendt commented that had Cassandra been a man, little would change, "but that's exactly why it's so encouraging for her to be a woman". Fictional character. Cassandra as she appears in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Video games portal. Retrieved April 4, Archived from the original on April 5, Retrieved April 5, September 25, Dragon Age: Inquisition. Inquisitor : But what does a Right Hand do, exactly?

It gives, it takes, it beckons Leliana and I extended the Divine's reach beyond the Grand Cathedral. We went where she could not. PC Gamer. Future plc : Dragon Age: Inquisition official website. November 10, The BioWare Forum. Archived from the original on March 31, Game Informer. Archived from the original on March 4, Retrieved May 13, Archived from the original on January 31, Archived from the original on December 28, Konefal's Blogspot.

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