Buck angel before transformation

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David Burt am, Feb 15, He emphasized the importance of self-acceptance and urged people not to submit to the labels society ass them. Some students said they disagree with his participation in pornography, while others said they enjoyed his message.

Angel grew up in Southern California as a girl who enjoyed sports and often hung out with the boys, he said; both his family and his neighbors treated him like a boy.

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Angel felt like a boy, but people started to treat him like a girl. In order to suppress his inner turmoil, he said he turned to drugs and alcohol and attempted suicide several times.

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He became a female fashion model, he said, although he felt out of place walking down the runway. The fashion industry furthered his drug addiction, he said, which precipitated the end of his modeling career.

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After becoming a prostitute in Hollywood for a while, an old friend convinced him to become sober. He realized that he needed to change something in his life, so became excited when he learned of the possibility of a female-to-male transformation, he said. He researched and finally found a doctor that had performed male-to-female transformations, he said, but never female-to-male. Angel received hormone shots and later breast removal surgery, and said he felt that his external appearance finally matched his inner feelings.

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In late January, Angel posted on his Facebook that he received a threat with regard to his visit at Yale, and he needed security while on campus. Angel did not address the threat while speaking Saturday. Pornography has far too low a view of sex.

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Pornography promotes the view of sex as an act of physical gratification rather than the holistic intention of what sex can and should be. Transgender porn star shares story David Burt am, Feb 15, Tweets by yaledailynews.

Buck angel before transformation

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