Big boss man hung

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While the match in itself wasn't one of the better ones in The Undertaker's career, what happened afterward made for one of the most uncomfortable moments in WWE history. For those that have not seen it, The Undertaker went on to hang the Big Boss Man from the cage by a noose, in front of thousands of people in the arena, not to mention the millions watching at home. While it might sound like a cool idea on paper to further establish the dangerous and deadly character of the Phenom, hanging his opponent on a live pay-per-view was a little too much.

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Bruce Prichard later revealed that the Big Boss Man was wearing a harness under his outfit that they hooked him onto. However, this still doesn't justify WWE trying to pull off that segment! New User posted their first comment. Log in. WWE Listicle. Modified 25 Jun Listicle.

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Big boss man hung

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How did the big boss man survive the hanging the undertaker gave him ??