Baywatch soundtrack list

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Baywatch, released on 12 Mayconsists of a playlist of credited songs, from various artists including Major Lazer, Christopher Lennertz and The Notorious B. The original score is composed by Christopher Lennertz. Currently no trailer songs have been added for this movie. Please add any songs heard in trailers, featurettes or promos here. Now streaming on 0 services. In Up. List of Songs. Get Free feat. Opening scene at the beach as Mitch Buchannon begins his lifeguard duty. Off the Jetty feat.

Mitch saves a man from drowning at the bay. Mitch patrols the bay as people greet him. Ronnie and Dave both watch C. Baywatch soundtrack list Lie feat. Brody arrives at the bay on his motorcycle as he introduces himself to Summer. Brody attempts to flirt with Summer at the tryouts. Leeds - To the Tower feat. Mitch enters Thrope's office. Plays on interview with Brody that Thorpe shows Mitch.

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Leeds meets with councilman Rodriguez as they discuss business. One Night feat. Ronnie and Summer both watch C. Plays during the Baywatch Lifeguard tryouts. Touch Down feat. Brody shows off his Olympic abilities at the Baywatch tryouts.

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Mitch and Brody compete with each other at the tryouts. Brody begins his shift at the bay. Brody watches Summer through his binoculars. Everyday feat. Mitch and Brody ride on a Jet Ski as they travel to the burning Yacht. Ronnie sings this song at the shower. Matt has lunch with the crew as they explain to him what they do at Baywatch. The Baywatch crew arrives at Leeds' party.

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Leeds becomes infuriated with her bodyguards after leaving witnesses alive back at the Yacht. Mitch asks Ronnie to create a distraction for Leeds. Ronnie dances for Leeds at the dance floor. After Leeds leaves Ronnie dancing by himself at the dance floor; Ronnie sees C. Mitch, Brody and Summer sneak into the morgue.

Mitch chases one of Leeds' henchmen on a Jet Ski. Mike fights one of Leeds' henchmen inside the little girl's room. Mitch and Brody sneak inside Leeds' club kitchen. Mitch gets fired as Brody takes over his role as Lt. Mitch's mentor David Hasselhoffgives him some prep talk. The Baywatch crew infiltrates a private party on Leeds' personal yacht. Brody scuba dives underwater and finds the smuggled drugs. Brody hallucinates Summer diving in the water and rescuing him as they share a kiss. Brody punches Thorpe in the face before Thorpe is arrested.

Ronnie wakes up and sees C. In the room; Brody and Summer share a kiss Baywatch soundtrack list the bay. Give It to Me Twice feat. Official Soundtrack OST. No soundtracks are currently available for this title. Watch Trailers. Comments Post. Watch On Now streaming on 0 services. Click for Free 30 day trial with Amazon Prime. WhatSong Find music you love.

Baywatch soundtrack list

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