Ayah asher ayah

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So His Purpose will be carried out by the Plan which he has set forth in preparing a special body by which He, Himself would walk the earth in order to begin this gathering which will continue by those gathered in whom are the Holy Spirit, Himself preaching to those not yet gathered so that they might gain faith Heb and be saved.

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All things are going back through the Messiah, even those that are not saved in His Body; that is, all things will ultimately be gathered back into Yahweh after Yahshua the Messiah has judged all as it passes through Him into eternity at the Universal Revelation. This takes us to a truism that many people have trouble with: the fact that Yahweh Himself created evil, or Satan Is Many people are loath to recognize that Yahweh is all in all and created everything, including evil.

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Satan provides a counterpointa Ayah asher ayah to Yahweh's goodness so that we might learn of His goodness by being exposed to evil, that we might begin to know Him when we learn of His purpose, and that we will yield ourselves to Him which allows Him to kick Satan out of our souls. Yahweh Elohim created Satan and is the only One who can defeat Him, which He did when He allowed Himself to be killed physically in that specially prepared physical body, and then was buried, resurrected and poured out His Holy Spirit for us to receive if we believe in Him.

This proved His power over Satan and death. Satan is clearly the power in the physical realm Rev and that includes having power over human beings who are not yet saved, albeit the real TRUTH of the matter is that Yahweh is in control of everything including Satan.

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Central to His purpose is that one must know Him to be saved in the body of Yahshua and the only way to do that is to have faith Hebrews and the only way to please Him Heb Yahshua returned to His glorious spiritual place as Yahweh Elohim and literally is the Holy Place while yet pouring out His Holy Spirit onto the physical plane or Court Round Ayah asher ayah of the Tabernacle Pattern into the souls of those who still walk around in the flesh awaiting His glorious revelation when the wrath of Yahweh will be poured out of those who did not believe.

While yet in His specially prepared flesh he said, "I am the light" John ; "I am the door" John ; "I am the bread" John ; and because of His sacrifice of His specially prepared and sinless physical body, He is the only one qualified, "found worthy" Revto be our intercessor.

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If we do not believe the report we have not received His grace and still abide in the wrong mystery.

Ayah asher ayah

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Ayah Asher Ayah