Asian fantasy weed

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There were reports about the Asian Fantasy being extinct a long time ago. However, there were reports that this strain was found once again. The clear thing about the Asian Fantasy is that the strain is a Sativa-type, and is known to be capable of giving a creative high. The product is capable of giving you a potent dosage of euphoria, while keeping you fully relaxed.

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The strain is also great for those who wish to get the munchies, and to those who just want to be talkative as they converse with other people. The Asian Fantasy is known medically as an excellent stress reliever, and it can also give you a way to combat headaches. It also contributes a bit against body pain and anorexia.

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The strain can give you the dry eyes once you take a t of it, as well as dry mouth. Thus, compete rehydration is very important once you take the product. It might also give you a bit of dizzy feeling, but only under very high dosages.

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Paranoia are also reported to be experienced by heavy users of the strain. The Asian Fantasy strain is known to be almost extinct but was recently discovered. As of now, there are no known tips when growing the plant as researchers and enthusiasts are still finding ways on how to effectively grow the plant in order to reveal its full potential.

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Thus, details about its yield, difficulty, and growth techniques are yet unknown. Crop King Seeds. SunWest Genetics. Sonoma Seeds. Beaver Seeds.

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What are the Medical Benefits of Asian Fantasy? What are the Negative Effects that you can expect from Asian Fantasy?

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Asian fantasy weed

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Asian Fantasy Marijuana Strain Review