Anastasiya kvitko vs kim kardashian

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The model that we can see in the image is called Anastasiya Kvitko, who has been compared on numerous occasions with the beautiful Kim Kardashian thanks to her extremely curvy body. Although her measurements are not "adequate" in the fashion world, she is happy with her attributes and refuses to lose weight. She is 21 years old and her body measurements are what has made her so popular: 38 busts, 24 waists, and 42 hips. Want to know more about this interestingly hot model?

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Source: celebreeties. Anastasia Kvitko currently lives in Miami, but she originally comes from the city of Kaliningrad, a Russian exclave on the Baltic Sea. The first agency with which she obtained a contract suggested that she lost some weight, but she rejected this proposition. Since then, she has accumulated a whole legion of followers on her Instagram : no less than 10 million followers thanks to her extravagantly beautiful physique. After her game started, she moved to Los Angeles in order to make her modeling career bigger.

Anastasiya Kvitko was Anastasiya kvitko vs kim kardashian in Moscow by her parents along with her sister in a high-class family. Her father was a famous businessman in Moscow and her mother was a primary teacher. There is not much information about her relationship status and love life. What we do know is that the famous and popular model is completely single. Believe it or not, Anastasiya claims she has never gone through plastic surgery to get the extraordinary figure and outrageous curves she is known for.

In fact, an extremely famous Russian plastic surgery website, Tecrussia, stated that there is no possible way to have that kind of body naturally, no matter how much exercise you do. The only way to do so is through plastic surgery. Who do we believe now? Anastasia Kvitko is 5 feet 9 inches tall 1. Her hair color is brown while her eye color is black. Other additional measurements are chest — 38 inches 96 cmwaist — 25 inches 63 cmand hips — 42 inches cm. Kvitko wears a dress size of 12 and a bra size of 36DD.

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In numerous interviews and statements, the Russian model has confessed that she relies on gyming and a healthy diet to keep her extraordinary shape. All around the world, Anastasiya is compared and related to fashion and tv Icon, Kim Kardashian. The reasons are pretty easy to tell; Both ladies share the characteristic of extremely amazing curves which have played a large role in their rise to fame.

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This is because her curves are natural while it is a known fact that Kim has got some work done. She has way higher aims. Besides the fashion industry, the Russian beauty has also extended her influence to the entertainment industry. As we already said, Anastasiya moved to Miami at the age of 17 to pursue her modeling career. However, her initial experience in this big and foreign city was scary.

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She was once robbed at gunpoint. Following the incident, she started having second thoughts about her career and considered moving back to Russia. Dropping her dream. However, she continued applying to model agencies in the US and was repeatedly asked to reduce her bulky curves and lose weight, which also made her doubt her career decision several times.

However, she refused yet again and decided to find her own path and take modeling into her own ways. I guess it was quite a good decision, seen as she has become pretty successful now! As we said before, basically nobody believes that Anastasiya is completely natural. That is why we have done a before and after close look to all of her features. Here we go:. It seems straightened with a raised tip in comparison to her before picture.

This kind of modifications to little details could be made by liquid rhinoplasty, performed solely by injections, so she didn't necessarily get a nose job, but she got some work done. Her way of narrower contour could be gotten by a well-performed extraction technique. As we can see on these two pictures of Anastasiya before she was famous and became a model, her breast seems pretty small in comparison to how big they are now.

There is no natural way for breasts to grow so largely, only is someone gains a huge amount of weight, which isn't Anastasiya's case. This leaves us questioning whether to believe Anastasiya on her "surgery-free" claims. These pictures literally speak for themselves.

I mean, see the difference. It is not hard to tell that Anastasiya has always had naturally-full lips, as we can see in the before picture. However, if we have a close look at before and after photographs, we might recognize her lips gained size, particularly noticeable in her upper lip, and some color changes. Her lower lip also changed a little bit.

Again, she has made it larger to create better symmetry and to get a much better balance between upper and lower lip shape. There are two safe ways to get these touches done: filler injections or plastic surgery. I am sorry we are just using the same picture as before. It seems that Anastasiya doesn't Anastasiya kvitko vs kim kardashian much about her past. Could it be because she has changed her physique so much and she doesn't want to admit it?

Well, nonetheless, see for yourself how much her bottoms have changed.

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Before, she was basically flat or had a small normal bum, but now she has curves from out of this world. The only way to get this type of butt for someone who used to have none whatsoever is with a butt lift operation and augmentation. There is no way all of that is naturally hers. I am sure you have now seen that Anastasiya Kvitko is an absolutely stunning and talented supermodel. Everyone should keep an eye on her, I mean, who knows what else will she come out with.

She is young, beautiful, powerful, and influential, so let us see what is in the future for her!

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Her Relationships: Family and Boyfriends? No plastic surgery. Measurements and physical characteristics. Russian Kim Kardashian. Swimsuit line. Entertainment career.

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Anastasiya kvitko vs kim kardashian

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