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Movies continue to return to theaters, and some of our most popular heroes — James Bond; Neo and Trinity; a new group of Ghostbusters — are set to return with them this fall. This is a highly select list of noteworthy films due out this season. Release dates are subject to change and reflect the latest information as of deadline. Logan Marshall-Green plays her husband. Mira Sorvino also stars. Jake Gyllenhaal plays a operator scrambling to respond to an emergency call. Peter Sarsgaard and Riley Keough are among the actors playing voices on the other end of the line.

What if he were played by Dan Stevens, and you were played by Maren Eggert? The actress Maria Schrader directed this science-fiction tale. Gigi Saul Guerrero directs. But this one Amy smart roadtrip technically conceived for the stage; it made it through nine previews before the pandemic forced Broadway theaters to close. Now a filmed version of the production will stream on Netflix before the show is scheduled to get its official Broadway opening in December.

Jeanna de Waal plays Diana.

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Karen Cinorre wrote and directed. But are they really lawmen? William Coakley directed. In a performance that won praise for its remarkable plasticity, Agathe Rousselle plays a young woman who is a fusion of flesh and metal; hood car accident left her with a titanium plate her head. Her journey comes to involve multiple murders, a missing boy and an anthropomorphized Cadillac. Upon release, the daughter, Jacinta, tries to break a cycle that she was in effect dragged into. Noomi Rapace and Hilmir Snaer Gudnason play a couple who experience an unusual form of parenthood. Is it all in her head?

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Cary Joji Fukunaga directed. Chai Vasarhelyi and Jimmy Chin turn their cameras to the cave rescue in Thailandwhere members of a youth soccer team were trapped. Yes, that is something you can do.

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But count on him getting another whack at Strode, her daughter Judy Greer and her granddaughter Andi Matichak. David Gordon Green, who directed the movie, returns. RZA co-stars. Rachel Fleit directed.

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Matt Damon plays a knight whose wife Jodie Comer accuses a squire Adam Driver of rape — an accusation ultimately settled by duel. It concerns a fisherman played by an actual fisherman, Jesmark Scicluna caught between poverty if he continues to fish and a shady operation that is destroying the local industry. Teeth, you say? With Jorge Lendeborg Jr. Jacob Gentry directed. Rebecca Ferguson, Oscar Isaac and Zendaya also star. Tessa Thompson plays a Harlem woman who encounters an old friend Ruth Negga who has been passing for white.

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Keri Russell plays a teacher, Jeremy Amy smart roadtrip. A new restoration stands to place it as a landmark of Iranian cinema. Family members in an opulent estate turn against one another after the death of a matriarch. Five people are implicated when a French housewife Valeria Bruni Tedeschi disappears. ROH Emir Ezwan, who has a background in visual effects, directed this Malay-language folk-horror film, in which a girl prophesies death for a family living in a remote area.

Rodrigo Santoro co-stars. Alexandre Moratto directed. Paul Blain stars as a writer whose heroin addiction destroys his family. Marie-Christine Friedrich plays his wife, and, in a later period, Constance Rousseau plays his daughter. McCabe directed this skewering of Hollywood. It concerns a talent agent Cummings who is suckered into a world of trouble after receiving an invitation to participate in a tryst. But in this feature from Miguel Sapochnik, with Robert Zemeckis among the executive producers, Hanks plays a robotics engineer in a postapocalyptic world who builds a robot to look after his dog.

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It Amy smart roadtrip a woman Yllka Gashi whose husband went missing during the Kosovo war and who tries to keep her family together in a hostile atmosphere. The movie was filmed so that it appears to unfold in a single take. Dwayne Johnson should know better than to forces with one of the two criminals he is trying to catch. Rawson Marshall Thurber directed. Justin Theroux plays or, rather, voices the anxieties in her head.

Luke Bracey co-stars. Eric Werthman directed. The film is said to be a personal project for Kenneth Branagh, who wrote and directed, and who was born in Belfast in Betania Cappato directed. The director Jason Reitman takes charge of reviving the franchise originated by his father, Ivan Reitman, by going in a different direction.

Carrie Coon plays a single mother who moves her children to a farmhouse where, judging from the trailer, the equipment from the old New York firehouse appears to be stored. Lin-Manuel Miranda, who played the role himself in a productionmakes his feature-film directing debut. A curse cast on a pharmacist and soccer player helps them see the city of Kutaisi with fresh eyes.

It concerns a schoolteacher Katia Pascariu who becomes the subject of a scandal when a sex tape she made with her husband winds up on the internet. Early reviews say that the film has been made to appear as if it unfolds in a single shot. So it goes. The French director Eva Husson keeps this adaptation of a novel by Graham Swift a lot less costumed than is typical of a Sony Classics costume drama. With Colin Firth, Olivia Colman and a brief turn by Glenda Jackson, in her first appearance in a theatrical film in more than 30 years.

It concerns a stage actor and director Hidetoshi Nishijima and his wife Reika Kirishimaa Amy smart roadtrip the story captures their artistic processes and the intersections between drama and life. Diane Guerrero and Wilmer Valderrama provide some of the other voices. Gaga sternly taps an espresso mug as Patrizia Reggiani, who in was convicted of ordering the murder of her ex-husband, the fashion heir Maurizio Gucci Adam Driver. Olivia Colman plays a mother who is troubled by seeing another mother and daughter on the beach — a scene that stirs recollections of her own difficulties as a parent.

Simmons plays their head coach. But can it survive without Milla Jovovich? Neil Patrick Harris also stars. With Charlotte Rampling as a doubting abbess.

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FLEE Animation becomes the ideal form to represent the fluidity of identity in this experimental documentary from Jonas Poher Rasmussen. The director listens while his friend, known in the film as Amin, remembers his life as a refugee from Afghanistan, bouncing from country to country as he looked for safe harbor. The film was one of the highlights of Sundance and is even more timely now. Around that time, Fabietto Schisa Filippo Scottia surrogate for the director and a big-time soccer fan, grows up in Naples in this semi-autobiographical film from Paolo Sorrentino.

In the original, Tyrone Power played a carnival worker who started a big-time con with a mentalist act. Bradley Cooper, who on Amy smart roadtrip surface is a much less disquieting actor than Power, now has that role. Students at a hypercompetitive San Francisco high school endure the college admissions process. Debbie Lum directed this documentary. Then he meets a woman named Wildcat Lily-Rose Depp. Nathalie Biancheri directed. Jordan plays First Sgt. Charles Monroe King, who wrote a journal for his son from Iraq.

Suddenly, they need to find an organ for him — and they may have to resort to illegal means. Mehdi M. Barsaoui directed this feature, shown at the Venice Film Festival in It won the best picture Oscar. Could anyone possibly top it? With Zendaya and Benedict Cumberbatch. Glenn Close also stars. The director Matthew Vaughan returns. As astronomers, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence try to alert the world to an approaching comet. Anna Paquin plays his wife. Andrew and Jon Erwin, who come from the world of Christian filmmaking, directed.

Molly Parker co-stars. Haley Bennett and Kelvin Harrison Jr.

Amy smart roadtrip

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