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She may not have a fanbase as large as characters like Zuko, Sokka, Tophor Iroh. But Azula consistently ranks as the most popular villain in the series. Aang x azula probably has something to do with the fact that she's a compelling character. While Ozai is, without question, the biggest, baddest evil in Avatar, he never shows much depth besides being a cackling embodiment of evil voiced to perfection by Mark Hamill. Azula, on the other hand, seethes with a fiery personality and develops into a dynamic character over time.

It's not hard to see why Azula is popular. Her obsession with power and her passion for world domination empower her to steal every scene she's in. She gets some of the series' best lines, most memorable fights, and always seems to be one step ahead of our heroes. Her obvious intelligence and cunning coupled with her sadistic, sociopathic tendencies and descent into madness make her easily one of the most layered and complex characters on Avatar.

Her cleverness, manipulative nature, and complicated relationships make her a powerfully effective antagonist. Even series creators Michael DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko have praised the character with Konietzko calling her "by far the most complex, interesting, and dangerous villain in the series". But there is more to Azula than blue flames, broken mirrors, and Aang x azula.

Updated on April 30th,by Juliet Childers: Azula is one of the most complex characters in the entire history of the Avatar series -- including Legend of Korra. Her descent into madness, as many fans agree, is not fully represented, but is still handled decently in the show. The follow-up graphic novels and comics also help to fill in the blanks.

But even die-hard fans might have missed facts like the real-world fighting style she uses in the show. And rightfully so! But one of the loose thre is Azula's fate. She has her mental break as Ozai goes off to fight Aang, and is not really seen again.

However, some extended comics and graphic novels help provide more stories for her.

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She appears in Smoke and Shadow parts 1, 2, and 3. Not only does she reconnect with Zuko in these, but she also talks to Ozai, her mother, and breaks free of her imprisonment, too. Ozai always pitted Zuko and Azula against each other for his love and affection if we can call it that. This, undoubtedly, destroyed their relationship and adversely affected both of their self-esteems. But Zuko and Azula might only be half-siblings instead.

Before her marriage, she was in love with a man named Ikem and he is who may have fathered Zuko. Zuko's true parentage would then Aang x azula that he was not eligible to become the Fire Lord. After all, one of the key elements of monarchical ruling bodies is ancestry, right? This would make Azula the true heir to the throne of Fire Lord. This could explain why Ozai was always so cruel to Zuko and why he showed preference to Azula. He was always training her to become Fire Lord because she was the true heir. Ikem and Ursa's story did not stop with Zuko's supposed parentage though.

After she was banished, Ursa reconnected with Ikem who had taken on the identity of Noren. He helped Ursa get a new face and she lived as Noriko with Noren. The two went so far as to get married and have another child: a daughter named Kiyi.

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Though Kiyi fully accepted Zuko as her family, she became the target of the New Ozai Society -- a fanatical group loyal to Ozai. But it was a group of mythical spirits known as Kemurikage who stole her away.

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This turned out to be a group operating on behalf of Azula. Azula charted a lot of firsts on Avatar. For one, she's the first character we see with the ability to generate lightning and the only female we've seen able to do so. She's also one of the few characters we've seen able to both generate it and redirect it. Although she acquired it through"unconventional" means in the form of a Dai Li coup d'etat, Azula was still also technically an Earth Queen at one point.

This makes her one of only two Earth Queens to reign in the whole history of the Earth Kingdom. She also would have been the first person who broke the Avatar Cycle if Katara had not been able to revive Aang using spirit water.

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Azula was named after her grandfather Azulon -- the ruler of the Fire Nation before her father Ozai. As it turns out, Ozai couldn't have chosen a better namesake for his power-obsessed daughter. Azulon's reign carried a legacy of brutality and militarism.

In particular, he's remembered for increasing the efficiency of the Fire Nation war machine and leading several successful campaigns against the Earth Kingdom, resulting in massive territorial conquests. Azula continues these trends with her siege on Ba Sing Se. Fortunately, she did not go as far as Azulon did with the destruction of the Southern Water Tribe and the genocide of Waterbenders.

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Many viewers of Avatar probably can't imagine Azula being married, but at one point it could have been canon. Aang x azula an interview given to a fan site inseries creators Michael DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko said Azula was originally going to have an arranged marriage in the third season. The idea would make sense given Azula's royal status, and likely would have changed a lot about her character arc. The idea was ultimately scrapped.

However, what is interesting is that Azula alluded to marriage only one other time in the third season episode, "The Beach". One wonders if Azula was going to be engaged to the original version of Chan, her would-be beau from the beach episode.

Without question, Ursa's treatment of Azula irrevocably damaged her. Not only did it affect her relationship with Zuko, but it fractured Azula's psyche in ways that would not become clear to anyone until the events of Sozin's Comet. The question is why did Ursa treat Azula so differently? Most fans would argue that it relates back to Zuko's supposed heritage. Azula may, in fact, be the daughter of Ozai while Zuko is Ursa's true love's offspring.

This could easily cause Ursa to even unknowingly treat Zuko with more love and affection than Azula. Believe it or not, Azula and Zuko's childhood was mostly peaceful in the early days. Both of them would fondly recall reenacting the final duel of the play Love Amongst the Dragons during their frequent vacations at Ember Island.

As they grew older, the siblings grew apart, but not just in the "normal" way. Ozai clearly favored his daughter, but Azula felt her mother loved Zuko much more than her. After all, she was only. Over time, Azula grew increasingly hostile to Zuko and Ursa. This dynamic of sibling rivalry would go on to shape both Azula and Zuko's lives. Azula is the only bender we see to use blue fire; most other Firebenders all bend orange flames -- even powerful ones like her Uncle Iroh the "Dragon" and her great-grandfather Fire Lord Sozin.

Not even the influence of Sozin's Comet can transform their bending from orange to blue. Another interesting fact: "azul" is blue in Spanish, Filipino, Galician, and Portuguese -- the same color as her trademark fire. The blue part of fire is also widely believed to be the hottest part of the flame. It's likely that Azula's unique blue color is meant to denote her Aang x azula in Firebending. Azula's fire burns hotter than most, symbolizing the power she so craves.

One fan explanation is that her intense blue flame may be a side effect of her volatile personality. Others theorize her ability to summon lightning might have something to do with it. Literally, the only person Azula has ever apologized to is Ty Lee for hurting her feelings after calling her a tease. This episode "The Beach" is also the only time in the franchise where we see Azula express genuine remorse.

Azula doesn't have the most apologetic personality, so it has to be exceedingly rare for someone to be on the receiving end of an apology from her. Unfortunately, it appears that Ty-Lee never truly forgives Aang x azula for all of the abuse she put her through.

Even whilst restrained, the former friend chi-blocks Azula despite the protestations of Zuko. Azula was highly skilled in Firebending, studying harder than any of her peers. From a young age, she was capable of feats even elite benders could not easily perform. She was even capable of lightning generation, one of the rarest forms of Firebending and a form considered to be unteachable. Even Aang was never able to master lightning-casting. This arguably makes her one of the most powerful Firebenders of her time. Azula is very difficult to defeat in single combat due to her excellent Firebending and hand-to-hand combat skills, agility, cunning, and intelligence.

She was able to hold off the combined attacks of Aang, Katara, Zuko, and Toph simultaneously. She is known for using her bending in ly unseen ways like jets of flames, whirling disks, and powerful shields of fire. She's shown to fight for long periods of time without tiring.

Azula is able to propel herself in a manner similar to a rocket using her flames, essentially allowing her to fly for short distances.

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Best of all, she can breathe fire. And that's just awesome. Though the Fire Nation siblings vary in their abilities, predilections, and personalities, they have a few things in common. One of those is that they both seem to be into mythology and local stories to some degree.

Zuko infamously Aang x azula the Blue Spirit while Azula dons the disguise as the Kemurikage in the Smoke and Shadow novels. These spirits supposedly haunted warlords of the Fire Islands before the Fire Nation was formed. Over time, the legend morphed into spirits who abduct badly behaved children instead. Perhaps fans can try to recreate this character as they've done with Katara and the Painted Lady in Skyrim.

There is no question: Azula is a tactical genius far beyond her years. Her attempt to breach and take over Ba Sing Se very nearly works. That's something not even her Uncle Iroh could achieve. Unfortunately, her extremely sheltered upbringing cost her some critical social skills. This is directly displayed in the "beach episode" where she tries and fails spectacularly at flirting.

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